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Improve Efficiency And Gain Greater Customer Loyalty

Jim Berkowitz Posted by

Here’s a summary of a free white paper that’s available from technology research firm Quocirca, Reaping the Benefits of Unified Customer Communication Management:

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Clear, effective and relevant communication is critical to building trusted and long-term customer relationships, yet many organizations-both private and public sector-struggle to manage and deliver consistent and cost-effective communications across today’s multitude of media channels. This leads to poor branding, compliance issues, higher customer care costs and, ultimately, customer attrition.

An effective customer communication management (CCM) strategy overcomes the challenges noted below through a unified approach to the creation, management and delivery of multichannel, interactive customer communications.

CCM Challenges…

  • Today’s “connected” consumer-centric world is putting pressure on businesses to deliver timely, personal and compelling communications across diverse channels.
  • An uncoordinated approach to customer communications has serious implications for any business.
  • Many companies use multiple products to create and manage customer communications, leading to inefficiencies and increased costs of management and maintenance.
  • Lack of customer knowledge is the root of communications challenges.
  • The benefits of CCM are tangible, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency while enhancing the customer experience.

CONCLUSION: The negative impact of irrelevant and unclear communications cannot be underestimated. As customer interactions across media channels continue to grow, a disjointed approach to communications will have profound consequences for any business in the form of higher costs, customer loss and brand damage. Those businesses that stay ahead of the competition will be those that develop a good CCM strategy that coordinates multichannel communications, empowers business users and provides a rapid return on investment. Businesses that do will reap the benefits of lower costs, improved efficiency and greater customer loyalty.


About the Author: Jim Berkowitz is a seasoned executive with more than 30 years of professional services and project management experience related to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Financial Management (Accounting & ERP) software solutions for small, mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies. As a Sales Force Automation and CRM Consultant, Jim has assisted more then 100 companies with the design and implementation of custom CRM solutions.Mr. Berkowitz is the founder and President of CRM Mastery, Inc.; a company dedicated to serving small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) by offering affordable tools and guidance to help them plan for and succeed with their CRM initiatives.

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